EZ Shipping Solutions & Services
We offer a single point of accountability for the entire procurement and logistics cycle from express courier services to custom logistics solutions:

Express Air Courier Custom Logistics Solutions
  • Specialised U.S.A. Service
  • International
  • Student Services
  • Travel Services
  • Warehousing
  • Freight/Mail forwarding
  • P.P.O - Personal Post Office
  • Shop Abroad
  • Customs & Duty Clearance
  • Inspection and freight forwarding
  • Warehousing and consolidation
  • Re-Packaging and Labeling, and Re-distribution
  • Worldwide sourcing
  • Brokering and financing
  • Supplier interface and monitoring

YC DIRECT Next-day direct delivery from India to New York
SWIFT 48-hr delivery from India to any destination in USA
2-Day SWIFT 72-hr delivery from India to any destination in USA
ICC ECO Delivery from India to any destination in USA within 5 - 6 days

Service Packs for USA Parcels Picked Up In India From India To New York For New York Deliveries For Rest of USA Deliveries Service Level **
NYC DIRECT™ Land shippingBy Surface Air shippingBy Air Land shippingBy Surface Land shippingBy Surface NEXT DAY NEW York
SWIFT™ Land shippingBy Surface Air shippingBy Air N/A Air shippingBy Air Standard Service
2-Day SWIFT™ Land shippingBy Surface Air shippingBy Air N/A Air shippingBy Air Two Days Service
ICC ECO™ Land shippingBy Surface Air shippingBy Air N/A Land shippingBy Surface ECONOMY SERVICE

International Courier Services:-
EZ Shipping provides service to various international locations:
  • Middle East
  • United Kingdom and European Union Countries 
  • Far East
  • South East Asia
  • African Continent and Other prominent Locations.
For specialized pricing information, please contact us

Certain items are banned or restricted for carriage on our services because of the restrictions imposed by the Bureau Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) and/or the Regulatory Requirements of the State. Listed below are the various categories of Banned and Restricted Commodities.

Banned Commodities - All Services 

The following commodities are banned on ALL services of ICC WorldWide Express Ltd.:
  • ALL Liquids & Semi-liquids, containing chemical agents, like polishes, cleaners, paints, etc.
  • Currency
  • Any liquid, semi-liquid contained in an aerosol can
  • Indian Postal Articles
  • Single item weighing over 70 kg. is not permitted as courier
  • Philately Items
  • Pornography
  • Bullion
  • Drugs and Narcotics (Illegal)
  • Firearms, parts thereof and ammunition
  • Precious & Semi-Precious Items
  • Radioactive Material
Commodities banned by Law at any given time without prior notice 

All IATA Restricted Items and Dangerous goods 

Please Contact EZ Shipping for further details

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